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Our e-commerce of classic furniture in pure made in Italy style, as the name of our brand guarantees, is at your disposal for consulting our catalog of classic furniture. We also make our catalog available for your customizations of our furniture. In the blog section there are some examples because for us the needs of the customer come first and we know that every house has its own. Personalized furniture to furnish your home with personal and unique style.

In our catalog you will find tables, desks, chairs and upholstered sofas, mirrors, beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, chest of drawers, TV stands, bookcases, display cabinets, pantries, sideboards, chests, trunks, glassware, coat hangers, consoles. The furniture is searchable based on the measures thanks to the convenient search panel on the left by varying the sizes within which the search falls. Always in search of the most suitable piece of furniture for your home, with unique interiors thanks to the unmistakable style of "The classic Italian furniture".

For the construction woods we also use walnut, cherry, ash and for the finishes gold leaf and silver leaf.

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Your furniture will acquire a unique charm for your home with our classic furniture!


Custom Classic Furniture

Our MISSION therefore provides for you a unique furniture thanks to our classic furniture and a short supply chain for a lower price than our furniture:

  • TRANSPARENCY: communicating directly from the producer to the consumer without intermediaries.
  • QUALITY: skipping all the steps that exist from the production to the sale of furniture, we want to offer a product without compromise, without paying attention to savings but focusing only on the quality of the woods and the craftsmanship of our classic furniture in the catalog, choosing the materials and better paints.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: because within certain limits we can really make everything you want from our vast and customizable catalog of classic furniture.
  • DELIVERY TIMES: we are always ready but it is understandable that to satisfy the multitude of variants available we keep our furniture raw and only after the order we move on to the finishing according to your needs. This implies waiting times of about 30 days but I don't think there are many if you think about your unique furniture, in style with the rest of the furniture in your home and personalized.
  • FREE TIME: what you can save by doing everything from the comfort of your home, browsing our site, writing us an email at any time, asking us to call you at a certain time while you are traveling or otherwise ... today more than ever time has a absolute value and we want you to spend it to enjoy your furniture and not to order it.
  • CONVENIENCE: yes that of waiting comfortably on your sofa for our classic furniture to arrive directly at your home ... and in order not to risk that you are not at home, they will also give you an appointment for delivery.
  • CONVENIENCE: we offer ourselves only for the sale of medium / high-end classic furniture, and we are sure to be competitive by comparing ourselves to a product of the same level because we arrive directly at our customers' homes.
  • AFTER SALES: an after sales service that will be at your disposal for any need.


Find your ideal classic furniture

Do you want to filter your search (for example) for classic furniture by size?

Read the faq, just use the ADVANCED SEARCH module on the side:

Within the pages of the product categories, on the left there is an advanced search component that allows you to select a range of measures within which to search for products, in order to display only those of the chosen category with the measures we have set. in the advanced search.

Low prices thanks to the short supply chain

The excellent quality and authentic craftsmanship of the classic furniture of "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" is guaranteed directly from the producer to the consumer. This is achieved through the careful choice of materials (woods, paints etc ...) used for the realization of all the products that are offered on the site, and the checks that are carried out before moving on to the subsequent packaging and shipment of the furniture purchased.

We therefore invite you to visit our website and contact us by email at: or via the CONTACT US page.


Thanks for choosing us!

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