Rectangular Mirrors



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Rectangular Mirrors

Rectangular mirrors - Classic furniture

This category groups together our rectangular hand-worked mirrors with inlays or smooth, in a classic style according to the tradition of "Il Mobile Classico Italiano". See our vast e-commerce catalog and ask for info for any doubt within the product sheets themselves.

The Classic Italian furniture is here for you and offers you the best rectangular mirrors in a classic style, guaranteeing the quality of the finishes and their customization. Each mirror is a unique piece!

Search for your favorite rectangular mirrors

Since each mirror can be hung both vertically and horizontally, in the search by measurement, enter the largest measure in height and the smallest in width . Then, however, you can hang it as you want.

Showing 1-12 of 334 item(s)
Showing 1-12 of 334 item(s)
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