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Dining tables

Dining tables for your stay

The table table table is an indispensable complement for both a home and a working environment. It is around it that begins and ends the day, where you celebrate with family or in company and you gather .

For this reason we of "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" never stop studying and creating new models, diversifying shapes and styles, so as to create in just complement for your kitchen. 

How are our wooden tables made?

When we think about our furniture in general, we develop them thinking that they should accompany you for a long time, so for us features such as functionality and solidity are indispensable aspects both at the design and construction level.

The search for design and style of our tables tables must then marry perfectly with the materials we will choose for realization, essences like walnut and cherry are used on classic style tables, to recall the true taste of wood and exalt it using colors that allow to transpare the natural grain, while on modern tables We usually use essences such as ash or brushed oak, which are well-married with more current colors or white and coloured lacquers sometimes enriched with patins of different colors.

We always keep telling that all our wooden tables are crafted, with precise attention to detail from the choice of the raw material, to the phases of construction until the final stage of finishing in painting where we can customize our furniture in various colors even on your request.

How to choose the perfect table?

In choosing a table table table It is essential first of all to consider the space available within the room where we will place it. We must always consider that then there must be the right space to place the chairs and that a proper space all around the passage.

Indicatively a reference measure could be around 90/100 cm all around. 

A rectangular table or square square is definitely the solution that best uses space within the room, but if you prefer we also have several proposals for round and oval tables.

If necessary many of our models are extendable tables, which can have one or two extensions based on the model and therefore increase length even up to 80/100 cm compared to the original size.

Find the ideal table for your home

We divided this category into two subcategories, classic tables and modern tables, if you already know where to guide you will make your choice easier, otherwise browse the different pages of our online store and get inspired by our furniture.

You can also use the filter on the page that will allow you to select the tables tables based on size so you can easily find the right item for your home.

If you still have any doubts, try to consult the FAQ section of our website. Ours is a retail designed to always ensure your satisfaction: you can request to customize your table during purchase or by writing an email to the address , our experts will be ready to respond and assist you. 

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Showing 1-12 of 35 item(s)
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