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Classic Furniture - Classic mirrors

The mirrors fit elegantly into your furniture, thanks to the richly and finely worked frames that surround the mirror, giving your interiors charm and prestige. Irreplaceable accessories, they will look great leaning against a wall in your bedroom, living room, bathroom or in an entrance, favoring the possibility of combining them with the surrounding furniture. Part of the mirrors are inspired by the Baroque style, thus becoming majestic decorative elements with an imposing classicism, ideal for all styles of furniture. Thanks to the variety of shapes, finishes, sizes and the possibility to choose whether to fix them horizontally or vertically, they meet the needs of any customer. The mirrors are original furnishing objects, details that make the difference, they are the right complement that adds a luminous note in a classic and refined atmosphere, also offering an impression of spaciousness to your rooms.

The baroque mirror that we provide with solid wood inlays is handcrafted by our 100% Italian certified artisans like the smooth style mirrors, both round / oval and rectangular.

Since each mirror can be hung both vertically and horizontally, in the search by measurement, enter the largest measure in height and the smallest in width . Then, however, you can hang it as you want.

Showing 1-12 of 435 item(s)
Showing 1-12 of 435 item(s)
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