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Classic wardrobes

Classic wardrobes and wardrobes

Oursclassic wardrobes are very important furnishing accessories for a bedroom, but not only, in fact they can be used in different ways; as well as as as a container for clothing can be used as an object holder, refurbishing the interior with different countertops or with drawers.

In addition to a wide choice of Wardrobe from the various sizes, the cabinets of our production differ mainly in cabinets with doors or with sliding doors. Substantial difference between these two types is the space that needs: the closet with swing doors is more bulky having to consider the space of the open door, but it is open simultaneously in all its parts, while a closet with sliding doors does not increase the encumbrance during the opening, but it is consultable half at a time.

Delivery times of our classic cabinets:Usually we always store raw proposed models, we reserve 30 days for delivery for painting times that we only carry out after order based on customer choices and transit times for delivery.

Classic wooden cabinets

Finishes or other internal details of our classic wardrobescan be edited or customized, contact us via email or whatsapp to ask for information.

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