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Modern Beds

Sleeping area - Modern beds

Our modern beds are essential components for your sleeping area , very versatile as they know how to create the right atmosphere to be able to relax after a long busy day, or even just to enjoy moments of rest.

Modern beds are designed to satisfy even the most refined tastes in terms of style and elegance, the quality of the materials used is first choice without sacrificing practicality. In particular, the use of brushed ash wood for the construction, a material widely used in modern spaces today.

The possibility of combining our modern beds thanks to the numerous finishes proposed both for the painting and for the variety of upholstery for the headboard in case it is upholstered or to vary the colors for the perforated or wooden ones, this allows us to be able to insert in your bedroom other accessories such as bedside tables , chest of drawers and wardrobes to suit your tastes.

In some of our modern beds it is possible to combine the container bed mechanism (where proposed) to increase the storage capacity of your sleeping area . For any technical info or advice write to us at: and we will help you in the composition of your bedroom .

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Showing 1-12 of 34 item(s)
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