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Classic consoles



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Classic consoles

Classic consoles

Our classic consoles are side tables with a slightly retro taste, which combine the elegance of a classic piece of furniture with the functionality of a contemporary one. They can be used in any corner of the house, even if they are usually placed near the entrance, to better furnish your home right from the entrance. In order to impress your guests, our classic consoles will allow you to display and enhance your most beautiful decorative objects.

Customization of our classic consoles

The color can be selected from the menu, or by writing it in the notes during the purchase.


Find your classic console of the ideal size

Do you want to filter the search for classic consoles by size?

Read the faq , just use the ADVANCED SEARCH module on the side:

Within this page, on the left there is an advanced search component that allows you to select a range of measures within which to search for products, in order to display only those of the chosen category with the measures we have set in the advanced search. .


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Showing 1-12 of 32 item(s)