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Chest of drawers

Design dresser for your bedroom

The first models of How from the bedroom they made their appearance before the 17th century where this furniture had only the function of preserving objects and sometimes it was used as a trunk during transport. The first models of classic dress were composed only as a large container, then in the course of the century, with the improvement of the construction techniques, the dresser began to take a more elegant form with the addition of drawers of various sizes and friezes typical of the time in gold leaf or in shades of the furniture.

With the passing of centuries and various styles, more or less gorgeous, the furniture with drawers changed its aesthetics, until today when the mobile commode is a furnishing accessory not only for the sleeping area. In fact the dresser can find placement not only in the bedroom, room in the first place for which it was built, but thanks to the new stylistic lines it finds placement also along a corridor, or to an entrance, rather than in a study or in a living room.

The How is a furniture mainly built on the shape of the rectangular facade or, for some models also with curved silhouettes, its use is very functional to maintain the order in the environment in which it is placed.

The chest of drawers was created as a complement to attenuate the need to store in a practical and orderly manner, with dividers to be able to insert inside, various types of clothing, or other objects. It adapts to many uses, not only to store in its organized drawers, but also as a top for support of soprammobili, or other accessories like photographs, paintings, pots with flowers or lamps.

Usually wooden dresser, they are combined, by type of inlay or form, to the bedside tables that are a miniature copy of them, and to the dresser, also called septimino or chinquino, according to the number of drawers, imitating the type of line of the dresser.

The como maggiolino is a piece of furniture that recalls the style of the ancient Ebanista Maggiolini, small or larger, thanks to its inlays made with different essences of fine wood, gives importance and elegance to the environment in which it is placed, stylistically can also be placed in contrast in modern environments.

How to choose your mobile commode for the sleeping area?

Completion indispensable and with a thousand versatility chest of drawerscan be inserted in many housing solutions.

In Bedrooms if the choice falls on a classic dress it is estimated its height, which for some models is available in two versions, low composed only of drawers, while in the high version in addition to the drawers to contain your garments, there is a special drawer with tilt with many small spaces inside called also jewelry box. While in case you wear the dresser in the living area it is chosen in low height which is usually on the 90 cm in which you can usually place above a picture or one of our mirrors.

The Commode design is a component of the furniture very traditional but revisited according to the stylistic trends of the moment, the bedroom furniture has been the object of embellishments with friezes or reduced to the minimum indispensable in the less sluggish periods.

"We"Il Mobile Classico Italiano"We produce many collections of dressers and bedside tables, they are in combination with the other components of the bedroom including the beds and closets, but any of it can find placement in a house individually.

As with the other furniture components of the sleeping area or the environment in which you want to insert the Modern Drawer we are available to provide advice so that you will find the design room for you best suited to your needs and at the best price. Starting from the measurements of the environment, where it should be placed (in the case of a bedroom you could prefer a tall dresser, while for a hallway an element that takes place on the length). Our classic dressers and bedside tables are characterized by their traditional charm, warm tones that enhance the veins of walnut and cherry (to quote some of our used woods), with soft and roundish shapes but which can be accentuated or attenuated by customizable hardware. Some of our classic dressers are embellished with inlays on the floor, hips and drawer front. It will be our concern to recommend a finish that exalts this their value.

I modern dress, they are very linear and proposed in ash wood, which for its technical characteristics, lends itself very effectively to the brushing. In addition to its solid structure, you will love the ash also for its colors and its grain; we chose it because, in addition to being wonderful from the aesthetic point of view, it is a wood of high quality that can last long in time.

Ours large drawers, whether in classic or modern style, you can place them in tune with the furniture already present in your room or even choose to create a stylistic contrast, if instead you decide to furnish completely your room with one of our collections, add a dresser can be an important element to have more containment for your clothes and also to complete the style of your bedroom.

Find the wooden dresser ideal for your sleeping area

The How is a complement that, thanks to its versatility, finds placement not only in the bedroom. In the first place, when you are about the choice of the wooden dresser, you have to analyze the location where it will be placed. Whether it's a study, in an open-space or in a bedroom the dressing room offers itself in many variations of sizes and style to choose from, once you identify your preference it is right to evaluate the measures so that it is well proportioned within the space to which we will draw it.

This detail will allow us to understand the type of furniture with drawersthat you will choose, one of the first things to evaluate besides its size is the form, and the arrangement of the drawers:Drawer large and large, or thinner drawers to contain more minute things. The drawer based on its use for the type of objects to be kept, and the area where it will be placed can make the environment more complete with a touch of style and even more functional.

In particular situations we point out that some of our wooden dresser it is possible to request them with customizable measurements, while for other non-changeable models we propose to replace them with a pair of drawers and bedside tables.

In our e-commerce you will find the wide range of como and bedside tables, from the most classic style or proposed in a modern way, it only remains to you to understand what is the most suitable solution for your home.

Ours wooden dresser are symbol of quality and of MADE IN ITALY, they are all made with an expert attention to detail, efficiency and safety for the materials used. These are the attentions reserved by our artisans, professionals in the construction of furniture systems made entirely by hand according to the Italian tradition.

To help you in the search we divided this category into two subcategories, classic dress and modern dress, if you already know where to guide you will make your choice easier, otherwise browse the different pages of our online store and get inspired by our furniture.

If you still have any doubts, try to consult the FAQ section of our website. Ours is a retail designed to always ensure your satisfaction: you can request to customize your commode during purchase or by writing an email to, our experts will be ready to respond and assist you.

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