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Classic chest of drawers

Classic style chest of drawers

The classic dressers of our catalog of classic Italian furniture are able to combine the practicality of its use as a storage unit, with the refinement of its compact shapes that are ideal for furnishing with taste.

It is generally possible to combine it with a bedside table with the same finishes, or with a mirror. The classic dresser harmoniously completes your bedroom furniture in a classic or modern style , thanks also to the wooden construction that gives warmth and a welcoming atmosphere.

Find your classic dresser of the ideal size

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Within this page, on the left there is an advanced search component that allows you to select a range of measures within which to search for products, in order to display only those of the chosen category with the measures we have set in the advanced search. .

Customize our classic dressers

Details of our classic dressers such as upholstery or other customized features can be specified at the time of purchase.


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Showing 1-12 of 66 item(s)
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