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Choose wardrobe style

Iwardrobe closet, is described on the vocabulary as a: "mobile consisting essentially of two vertical flanks in support of shelves or transversal lists for attackers and closed before by doors (also called doors) that can, considered individually or to pair, correspond to as many compartments inside. "

When we talk about wardrobe wardrobe our mind makes us think of a furniture placed along a wall for all its length with doors and drawers. its history is very ancient, just think that the first models were designed in the Greek era and then be reconsidered by the Romans for the custody of weapons, papyri and codes. over the centuries the wardrobe changed both from an aesthetic point of view (the first models were with tipping doors that opened one above the other in 2 sectors and preferably inside a niche) and functional passing also for the function as custodians of relics.

Today thewardrobe closet tailor-made is a very important complement for each home, and increasingly indispensable if we think of things to be kept as the family grows. it allows a variety of organization depending on the space you have in the surrounding environment. there are various types of wall cabinets, to be selected according to your requests, we offer types of hinged doors cabinets and sliding doors. mainly cabinet 2 doors is placed in bedroom, but with the new housing trends, he found room also in the laundries as walk-in closet and in the living areas as a wardrobe, where there is a very interesting utility on the management of the spaces to keep the order. from simple container for clothes with doors and drawers has become object of design to combine functionality and aesthetic goto.

In fact, in addition to being oato as a furnishing solution also for the small environments of which large capacity containers are needed, it can be placed on a wall for insulation from noise, neighborhood and exterior, and for thermal insulation from the outside.

As for other components that furnish the night zone, lwardrobe closet for the bedroom has taken importance as it has become an indispensable accessory within it. the functional wardrobe is a very important complementary accessory in the furnishing of a bedroom and not only for this environment, in fact more and more often it is also inserted in the corridors or in rooms special with walk-in closet. its purpose is to be able, organizing its interior, to contain many things. its task, over the centuries, is no longer just to store clothes but it has opened to many other things playing with the composition of doors and drawers.

Our collections are divided into Classic wardrobes and Modern wardrobes. with regard to the measurements of the online cabinets we propose are standard (for modern cabinets we go on the lengths from cm 240 and 280,) while for the wardrobes in classic style spread over several lengths. for a wide variety of models you can request customized measurements. heights, for both collections, except for some models, are standard at about 247 cm.

How to choose your wardrobe for your home?

From the times when the man began to insert furniture components with the bed in the bedroom, thecloset in walnut has been of vital importance to contain, and not only, the clothing of people. Today the modern wardrobe, not only serving that, can be found in the laundry rooms and hallways, as well as in the living area as it creates functional furnishings. It is no longer considered as a static thing, but it has acquired value and its construction techniques and the oats materials are cutting edge with regard to efficiency and durability, so its choice must be very calibrated and weighted according to its own lifestyle.

When you structure the inner part of thefunctional wardrobe you have to evaluate, besides where it will be placed, also the personal needs of the people who will take advantage of the closet. their way of life, customs and - what is very important - to analyse whether there are already other connictive solutions in the environment so that the measures and encumbrance can be defined. in all of this we of "the classic Italian furniture" we can support you in the design for the "working"perfect wardrobe according to your needs and we will be ready to analyze all this with suitable solutions to create the perfect composition by getting it after a careful choice from the models of the collections present.

Iwardrobe closet for sale in our online store, if placed in the bedroom, is a concentrate of comfort: to have at hand, just raised, all the clothes with which we intend to dress, instead of wandering sleeping means for the house looking for the wardrobe opening some door or some drawer doesn't match. for this at the time when you are going to order one you have to think well about our ideal wardrobe, not only for aesthetics but especially for its functionality by organizing its internal layout.

When, on the other hand, you are ready to realize a sliding wardrobe for the living area, the containment elements being minor, must be well distributed inside and that meet more needs. being a popular place a day, you can also play with finishes to create contrasts and light games. while for closets for night areas, in addition to a series of accessories for a different conformation, it is played with neutral tones.

Today, the wardrobes in classic style and in modern style differ from the purely aesthetic point of view, while inside them can be composed in the same versions. for this to meet styles proposed by contemporary fashions, without departing from the possible style of the room already furnished, you opt for games of finishes and handles. the structures of our cabinets in poor art they are made of wood, in the various woods proposed with inlays and decorations engraved for the most classic style, while for the most modern versions it is opted for a more linear structure, with proposals of lacquers and friezes, for an insertion also in contemporary environments. for both collections we offer, for a play of light and spaces to an insert in the doors of mirrors and satin glasses that allow to give a touch of lightness to the room creating a chromatic game with polishing or lacquering.

Icloset in walnut, from its first models, it was designed to jealously guard personal linen and the house, today that you enjoy putting it in the drawers and various inserts, where we recommend you to insert among your natural perfumers or tampons of scented herbs as our grandmothers did.

Find your perfect fit wardrobe

Choose your own wardrobe closet "made to measure" is a pleasure, every online wardrobe on our store is customizable for addition of accessories such as stakes, drawers, drawers suitable for tie or other.

In the choice of one of wardrobe that we propose, we must evaluate among the few essential aspects the style and the space available. for this in the case of hinged doors, with the most classic style, it imposes limits in the choice of accessories inside, which is much more free if the choice falls on the sliding door cabinet. This model, in fact, was built mainly to overcome in modern, smaller houses, the problems of space, but with a greater interior space. Just think that you earn, if we take for example the bedroom, the space that would be occupied by the encumbrance of the open doors, or a wider passage in a hallway. we of the "the classic Italian furniture" we offer this type of wardrobe in classic style. we keep to specify that, unlike thehinged door cabinet, in the sliding door cabinet it is not possible to enjoy all the space at the same time. in fact the door scrolling to make you access to its interior will cover the other part of the wardrobe becoming the latter not exploitable until the door just opened. we recommend to study the arrangement well in such a way as to use only one door per person to avoid a continuous open and close.

Returning to hinged doors cabinets, a disadvantage (as anticipated before) is the encumbrance of open doors and are suitable for more capacious rooms. one of its advantages is that you can have the interior view at any time, being able to manage the various out-fits without limiting itself to a defined space.

With regard to finishes of our closets, with regard to the classic style we offer warm colors (on wood like walnut and cherry) having also many models with inlays, while for modern versions we offer as material the ash that uses very well for brushed lacquer. every model of our collections can be polished or lacquered with the finishes present in the color sample, or customized for a perfect color combination with other furniture in your home.

In both collections in modern wardrobes you can insert one or more drawers, shelves and boxes to be available for your own garments. with regard to the drawers, on request you can add also 2 to remedy the dispute problem in case you do not have other furniture capacious containers inside the room.

In our e-commerce you will find many solutions to be able to integrate into your room atwardrobe closet that you are choosing to best price. in the night zone case we will help you to study targeted combinations as beds, , bedside tables, how for style; to the finishing or lacquering combinations for armchairs, o pouf with desk toilet or benches; and mirrors suspended or grounded vertically are complements studied in detail to make each environment more harmonious and unique.

Ours Closets are a symbol of quality and made in italy, efficiency and safety for the oats materials, to help you in the search we have divided this category into two subcategories, classic wardrobes and modern wardrobes, if you already know where to guide you will make your choice easier, otherwise browse the different pages of our online store and get inspired by our furniture.

If you still have any doubts, try to consult the faq section of our site. our is a retail designed to always ensure your satisfaction: you can request to customize your wardrobe closet in the phase of purchase or by writing an email to, our experts will be ready to respond and assist you.

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