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Sideboards and Cupboards

The Sideboards and Cupboards for your home

The sideboard, is a furniture that has very ancient origins with a very exciting history. prince of the living area of a house, it can be placed both in an entrance, and in any other place of the living area and is able to convey a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in a house. the wooden sideboard is a furniture, which we recommend, which should never be missing in a kitchen or in a dining room next to a table with chairs.

The classical sideboard is a habitual, old-time furniture, its history dates back more than 4 centuries ago, in northern Italy, in particular in Emilia Romagna, where it was inserted in the halls of the holidays and used for support of the banquets. his name derives from the fact that, in the sixteenth century, the master believer, a committed man, had the task of tasting food to prevent any poisoning among the lords caused by the various clashes. as you will understand if the commensale remained alive began with serving at the table the various dishes.

In the last century rustic sideboard has greatly changed its appearance, equipping itself with various versions with doors and drawers, where it is aimed at an aesthetic embellishment as well as a functional increase. the mobile sideboard, it is mainly used to contain the services of party dishes, tablecloths, and also as a pantry to contain foods and liqueurs, remaining in this sense always linked to the kitchen.

The classical mat has assumed several physiopaths, in relation to the period in which it was produced, while always maintaining its role of a time. In recent years, the wooden sideboard has changed its design and the choice of materials has opened itself with a fan offering a world of furniture solutions. it is a very important design object in a home as its presence gives an aesthetic rendering to the very important environment. choosing one of our beliefs gives your living area a glamorous touch of style while maintaining an environment ordered thanks to its interior spaces.

In this category we have collected all our models classical sideboards and modern. position a sideboard in your house is a choice, as well as good goto also of utility, because it is one of those furniture where we find many objects that are they for the table, for the kitchen or other.

How to choose your ideal Sideboards

The style sideboard is an indispensable complement that cannot be neglected in the furnishing of a home. it adapts, with its design in classic or modern style, according to the situations, to fit into any living context of the area, whether you are talking about an entrance or a dining room or a living room.

The purpose of living room, with the meticulously studied arrangement of doors and drawers, it is to free the daily life of many useful objects and sometimes oats sporadically, without hindering the daily order, but allowing it to find them in ease. the mobile sideboard Is a tacky for those who love order and comfort. in our e-commerce you can find madie and sideboards of various sizes, according to the availability of space that you have in your living area, including some very capacious, and each of them will find in your environment the right placement keeping your discretion for the perfect choice.

The hectic life of our society makes us look for models that interweave various capacities, our sideboard for the living room they mix together the practicality of having everything in order without sacrificing practicality by increasing the space available in your living area and, very important detail, making the environment elegant, and welcoming.

We offer our sideboard both classic and modern. These models have, for the most part, one or more drawers, and depending on their style and are diversified to inlay, processing, while always giving an eye on the choice of materials and oando cutting-edge processing techniques to offer a product of excellence.

Ours classic style sideboard are proposed in walnut, cherry and toulipiè wood, to name a few, and some models with inlays on the whole floor and sides, doors and drawers. I do classic style has soft lines, with light silhouettes and carvings on some parts. Some models are proposed in a very classic key to reproduce the old style of poor art. on each model we recommend the finishing, which can be adapted to your environment and the type of wood, pointing a lot on the warm colors that enhance the veins and drawings of the inlays. analyzing the shape of the drawers, on the classic style, they are mainly rectangular and are placed at the intermezzo between the top and the doors, or in the central part between the two doors. some model proposes the hidden drawers under the top, extractable through a small cove built on the cornice. our classic beliefs are a complement that recreates in your environment a romantic and timeless atmosphere, recalling memories of a time that make everyone feel comfortable staying in that environment.

Ours modern style chairs are a combination of a very linear style and a touch of strong elegance. proposed in the new lacquered finishes, but very required also in the natural colors, are noted for their strong character but without being above the lines, creating a harmonious and refined environment and, at the same time, versatile and practical. proposals with doors and drawers of various sizes and different provisions, their innovative design is defined with the aim to attract attention and stand out with a regular pace the front of the furniture. for this type of modern belief we of the "classic Italian furniture" we offer in our collections some wood, including ash, which lends itself very positive to the new demands of the market regarding the finishes. In fact this wood is very suitable, regardless of the classic or lacquered finish, to the brushing creating a very strong combination between the sinuosity of the wood and the chosen color.

When you are going to choose a design sideboard what not to neglect is the setting, for a great aesthetic result and to maximise your belief it is necessary that there is the right space on the sides of the furniture, to place too close the furniture between them is not recommended, better to choose a sideboard by the smaller size if this is the case. instead of combining a mirror to enhance the part of the wall above, you can see here our section of mirrors. or create a combination with other furniture in your living area like the equipped walls or TV stands.

Find your ideal sideboard for your home

The provençal sideboard is a complement that in the course of its history, has had many revisitations of its style. Today it dominates the modern style, with simple lines and very minimal details. the classic style sideboard, instead, has a predominance of silhouettes and soft details. our collections enclose many customizable models in many contexts, adapting them to their building features, we will be happy to accompany you on this path to choose the belief of your dreams.

Ours sideboard stay are the result of studies for style and craftsmanship, it is synonymous with love for our work and made in italy, our passion pushes us to always look for the best for our productions with an eye on details.

Flowing in the menu you will find various lines sideboard and tales, lines that adapt from classic style to modern contemporary, but always with the characteristic of knowing how to convey the warmth that only wood can do: the warmth of a serene house. to quote some of our products, in our e-commerce you will find beliefs in various essences, even with inlays, where we recommend clear finishes that enhance these details. you can also find other models, some in ash essence, which we have chosen as it lends itself very well to the brushed finish, as well as many other versions.

We offer a wide choice of models and styles, and if you want our advice we will be happy to help you choose your input sideboard. on more than a few occasions some customers sent us the photo of their stay or the place where they wanted to place it and together we chose the best solution for their environment.

One of the first and important tips we give in the choice of low sideboard, In addition to the dictated or contrasting style of the environment in which you want to insert, it is the measure. the sideboard, in the rooms contained it is not recommended to occupy all the available space, for this we play with the drawers in order to be able to oufruit more capacity possible, for a greater oo of this mobile container, and with the colors creating a combined light environment, perhaps, with a mirror in gold leaf or silver.

In a spacious open-space environment, instead, we recommend a living room sideboard that develops on the length, always with an eye on the surrounding space, pointing with new color schemes and playing on the contrast wood and handles, creating an infinite series of combinations. the modern beliefs that play on the length, are sometimes inserted in residential contexts where you try to give importance to a wall or when you want to use the part above by playing with accessories studied such as mirrors, shelves or paintings. for this type of environment we offer our hinged doors, as they offer great capacitance and, thanks to the simultaneous opening of the doors, they offer a very satisfying view of the interior as it allows you to have everything under control and immediate.

The latest trends in the market, for modern houses, offer free inspiration to their ideas, freedom of color for every accessory that furnishes it. the lacquered colors, in recent years, have evolved into a range of color scales. the white sideboard, with contrasting handles, creates a cool style effect that does not weigh down the room, it can be very suitable for small environments as it gives brightness to the environment and adapts very well to the classic style.

For those who want to dare with elegance we recommend to bet on neutral lacquered colors that leave refinement without ever being taken. for those who love to dare, new chromatic trends aim a lot on customizing low sideboard on chromes decided, maybe playing on various shades more or less strong, perfect for the most personalized and original environments.

Our models of mobile kitchen cabinet, thanks to the careful choice and studied for finishing and other accessories, can be adapted to any living environment or can be the point of a new living area creating an atmosphere full of harmony and emotionality. the sideboard in style you will choose will be a complement that will accompany your daily life in your home. it will be your business card for your guests, will make your aesthetic goto stand out and your character, it is essential, therefore, to enhance your environment by matching it to perfect sideboard.

After carefully choosing your belief for the living area we ask you to imagine it with some complement that helps you complete its charm; ours sideboards and tales they are very ready to be accompanied by our mirror mirror, in various sizes, processing and finishing, rather at some 1 or 2 doors window. in our e-commerce you will find many solutions to integrate in your living area kitchen sideboardThat you are choosing to best price. in case we will help you study targeted combinations as tables and chairs, , windows for style; to the finishing or lacquering combinations for armchairs, or sofas; and the mirrors are complements studied in detail to make each environment more harmonious and unique in its kind.

Ours sideboards are a symbol of quality and made in italy, efficiency and safety for the oats materials, to help you in the search we have divided this category into two subcategories, classical sideboards and modern sideboards, if you already know where to guide you will make your choice easier, otherwise browse the different pages of our online store and get inspired by our furniture.

If you still have any doubts, try to consult the faq section of our site. our is a retail designed to always ensure your satisfaction: you can request to customize your sideboard in the phase of purchase or by writing an email to, our experts will be ready to respond and assist you.

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