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Bedside tables

Design bedside tables for your bedroom

The bedside table, of which were the first models already from the times of the Etruscans and which then sank its roots in France in the early 18th century, from the oldest to the modern models of the present day was always a very important furniture in the completion of the furniture of a bedroom.

From his first beginnings wooden bedside table It was more generous than today's and was placed in the hallway to contain linen or other voluminous clothing. Subsequently, this role was replaced by the dresser to find his position next to the bed. It was from the period of the Renaissance that the bedside table in style He began to have the measures more similar to what we know now, but his official debut in the bedroom was presented at the time of Louis XVI, who in addition to covering his functional role, also began to play an ornamental and aesthetic role.

From this period bedside table for the bedroom he decorated decorations and artistic details typical of the historical moment, bringing his almost current form with 2-3 drawers. That period of history led to changes in the plan of support to replace a marble floor or some other natural stone from wood. This period, followed by the historical period of the Sun King, marked a great change in the use of this elegant bedside table. With the succession of the following centuries his role remained unchanged but continued his changes only in aesthetics (both increasing that decreasing with carvings, or other stylistic accessories) that or and any artistic details of the moment, until reaching in the nineteenth century the function and the measurements of the bedside table final today.

From that period to today, according to the various fashions that have followed in the course of the various centuries, the bedside table, from mobile container of voluminous objects, covered a role of side by side with the bed with more narrow drawers and with the concept of preserving objects of common use but that are important, as it can be a lamp, the alarm clock, a book or rest the glasses. We de "Il Mobile Classico Italiano", in relation to the importance that this complement covers in the bedroom, we focus on the quality of the materials and always provide furnishing solutions in step with the fashion of today.

How to choose the "you" bedside table for your bedroom

When you are going to purchase a bedside table in style We must take into account various aspects. One of these to be evaluated is the available space and its position, considering any electrical sockets for lamps. We do not want to insert too many furniture if the room is from the measures contained, it would be very heavy, on the contrary in a room with a large size it is recommended of the accessories studied in their measurements, proposing them also with personalized measures, to furnish it with the right spaces. Noi de "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" we produce many collections como and bedside tables, they are in combination with the other components of the bedroom but any of it can find placement in a house individually.

Our collections Night zone they are very versatile and offer a range of solutions where it will be very easy to find what reflects your model according to your needs. Another very important point to follow for the purchase of elegant bedside table It's style. It will be a complement to be inserted in symbiosis with the furniture already present in your bedroom or in the choice of a completely new sleeping area. Ours camera da letto ikea, in combination with the dresser and dresser, they are characterized by their traditional charm, with warm shades that make the veins of walnut and cherry (to quote some of our used woods), with soft and roundish shapes but that can be accentuated or attenuated by the hardware customizable.

Some of our bedside tables Maylino I am embellished with inlays placed on the floor, sides and front of the drawers sold in pairs or in combination with the dresser. It will be our concern to recommend a finish that emphasizes the value of their design. In our collections bedside table in classic style, is presented in the simple or bombed rectangular version, characterizing this harmonious style. Following trends in recent years we have studied solutions that allow us to offer models of modern bedside tables, lower and, in addition to the rectangular version also of square shape, with a more compact and adaptable appearance to any housing solution.

In our e-commerce you will find many solutions to integrate your sleeping area to wooden bedside tablethat you are choosing. Pairings such as wardrobe cabinets, beds, dressing room designed for style; armchairs, or pouff with toilet desk or benches; and the mirrors suspended or leaned on the ground vertically are complements studied in detail to make each environment more harmonious and unique.

Find your wooden bedside table ideal for your sleeping area

The bedside table, despite the modern design has made it very minimal, is a complement of the bedroom very sought after, thanks to its position next to the bed, congenial position, that allows to have at hand those objects like the alarm, water, smartphone, a book, battery charger, handkerchiefs

If you opt to place the bedside table in classic style next to the bed, it is necessary to consider his size, but in particular at its height. If you decide for this proposal the bedside table and the floor of the mattress being very close, it is preferable to be of similar height for an advantage to the comfort at the moment when you are lying in bed and we need to rest something on the floor of the bedside before falling asleep or just awake. With our modern style bedside tables, this attention is partly resolved as they are stylistically lower.

In fact, with modern style you are creating a very minimalist line of space saving bedside table, with its peculiarity in reducing the measurements and the number of drawers. In our e-commerce you will find many models also with 2 drawers.

Ours bedside tables are a symbol of quality and MADE IN ITALY, all made with an expert care in detail efficiency and safety for the materials used. These are the attentions reserved by our artisans, professionals in the construction of furniture systems made entirely by hand according to the Italian tradition.

To help you in the search we divided this category into two subcategories, classic bedside tables and modern bedside tables, if you already know where to guide you will make your choice easier, otherwise browse the different pages of our online store and get inspired by our furniture.

If you still have any doubts, try to consult the FAQ section of our website. Ours is a retail designed to always ensure your satisfaction: you can request to customize your bedside table during purchase or by writing an email to the, our experts will be ready to respond and assist you.

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