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Equipped walls

Equipped wall for your living room

The equipped wall is a main complement to the living room area for your home. When you decide to choose a living room furniture for your home, you think of a composition of the living area, the area considered the fulcrum of life in a home. The modern or classic style design TV wall gathers people who celebrate in front of a TV for a game, or to watch a movie or to relax on the sofa listening to music or for many other pleasant moments.

We of "The classic Italian furniture" offer our best modern equipped walls as they are built with precious materials and are at the forefront of design and reliability for the resistance of the woods used, so that they guarantee that solidity that must shine through a piece of furniture to which importance is given for a stylistic value that it gives to the environment in which it is placed. In fact, our design wall units are a mixture of various uses and styles, one of its characteristics of the living room composition is to offer a large space to place your books, objects or decorations, but also a space to place appliances such as music players. , televisions and computers, those who use them as containers for collectible exhibitions, those who frame an avant-garde television with base and wall units, with wall units or base units with drawers, they contain a multiplicity of functions.

An equipped composition is a wall entirely built with modular elements that can be used to customize the furnishings of the living area: it can be made up in different configurations, with the aim of having a design that meets personal needs and creating an atmosphere attractive and suited to everyone's expectations.

Another feature of the equipped wall is to offer a large space to place one's books, objects or decorations, but also a space to place appliances such as music players, televisions and computers.

How are the living room compositions made?

Our living room walls are made with the best woods and following regulations that regulate a high quality standard. When we think of our furniture in general, we develop them thinking that they are durable over time, functional and solid, in the case of equipped walls, being composed of several modules, it is important that they are easy and intuitive to assemble and that they can be assembled and disassembled more times without suffering any damage.

The research of the design inside your living room and the style of the container furniture must meet perfectly with the materials that we are going to choose for the realization, essences such as walnut and cherry are used on walls equipped in a classic style, to recall the nature of wood and enhance it by using colors that allow the veins to shine through, while on design equipped walls we usually use essences such as ash or brushed oak, which blend well with more current colors or white and colored lacquers sometimes enriched with patinas of different colors.

The use of glass, of various shapes and compositions, will then have no limits, everything can be perfected by adding and removing modules from the living room walls according to your needs

We always want to tell you that all our furniture is handcrafted, with a precise attention to detail from the choice of the raw material, to the construction phases up to the final painting finishing phase where we can customize our equipped walls in various colors even on yours. request.

Before choosing an equipped wall, it is necessary to evaluate the space available, in particular the size of the wall on which it will be placed, for this reason we are always ready to advise you on the suitable size.

The living room compositions allow you to play a lot with the available spaces and are able to adapt to any type of measure avoiding too large walls, especially if the room is small, also proportioning its depth with appropriate evaluations, on the contrary with lengths and heights greater in filling adequately for a very large room.

In recent years, the spaces in houses with large rooms called open-spaces have also evolved. In these circumstances we recommend a contemporary wall unit that can occupy an entire wall or even several walls, even from floor to ceiling. These modern storage units are very versatile as they also incorporate the surrounding furnishings such as windows, doors, etc ...

The use of the equipped wall is not to be excluded, in large spaces (and not only) as a divider for 2 rooms, it will be an open composition, which will act as a divider but which will let more or less light pass in the 2 rooms near the base. to the customization of the glass or open modules chosen in the design phase.

When we are asked for a quote for your composition for the living room, for us it is a goal to achieve your satisfaction in having our creation in your home.

The new technologies for the finishes also allow us to vary with the colors by creating chromatic games by opting for the base and some wall units in one color and others with a different lacquer or color.

Stylistically, the living room furniture is composed of a module positioned horizontally that can be placed on the ground or suspended and which plays the basic role, usually for the TV, where the storage unit then develops around its height with wall units, shelves or showcases. .

The bases are with drawers or doors, with smooth closed door for the modern style, while for the classic style they are characterized by hinged doors and ashlar doors. While wall cabinets are much more versatile, they can have glass or closed doors, or even be open containers.

How to choose your ideal equipped wall?

The living room furniture covers a very important place in the living area of ​​a house.

Mainly this model of furniture was used as a container for storing manuals, silverware, plates and glasses for special occasions, and other various objects, over time even its task has changed.

Now very often it is placed in a living room in front of a sofa with a television and audio video equipment to enjoy a quiet evening in the company of family or friends, as their design has evolved to integrate these now fundamental appliances in everyone's life. the days to give us moments of relaxation. It is very important to tell us, during the design phase, what to include in the design of our living room wall: if we decide for a technological wall with TV and other appliances, the wall must have a space and modules to contain videos or even the appliances themselves to always have the tidy wall.

Or, if you need a bookcase wall to store your books, it can also be set up in a study, you have to design it with different compartments and shelves at different heights to accommodate your texts.

One of the very important initial choices goes to the style of the wall, from the use it must cover, elegant or modern. The choice of material is very important, woods such as walnut and cherry (to name a few) in warm shades to bring out the veins are very suitable to let warmth shine into the environment, while the modern finishes of the lacquer with brushed woods fit very well to essences such as ash which, using contrasting colors and lacquers, create an environment that is very much in tune with modern or contemporary living rooms. The type of material does not imply limits to the modules proposed in the various collections.

Our design walls play a lot with glass, which can be simple, ground or satin, the type of glass of the flap or hinged door of the wall units, is a very accurate and personalized choice, following an analysis of the environment of the room and what the customer will want to keep inside.

We at "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" are always ready with projects, models, colors to solve your doubts, search through the search for the most pleasant living room furniture model and contact us for any request.

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