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Modern chest of drawers

Modern Drawers

Our modern dressers are all made with an expert attention to detail and a careful respect for materials. These are the attentions reserved by our craftsmen, professionals in the construction of furniture systems made entirely by hand according to the Italian tradition.

The chest of drawers is a piece of furniture with drawers that adapts perfectly to the sleeping area of your home; very often it is purchased with a mirror, which is arranged overlapping (take a look also at the section of “Il Mobile Classico Italiano” dedicated to mirrors!). In the catalog you will find modern dressers (or modern chests of drawers ) with a unique and functional design, perfect to complete the furnishing of your bedroom: the wood used is ash, extremely ductile and elastic. In addition to its solid structure, you will also love ash for its colors and its grain; we chose it because, in addition to being wonderful from an aesthetic point of view, it is a very high quality wood that can last over time.

Our artisans will make your modern dresser according to your needs: in the catalog you can search for the color and size you prefer or, if you need further customization, you can specify it at the time of purchase or by writing to .

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Showing 1-12 of 19 item(s)
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