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Design beds for your bedroom

In recent years, the bed has played a very important role in furnishing a home. The wooden bed has expanded in meaning, from a simple bed where you can rest during the night to a nerve center where you can recharge your body for the next day or even for a simple moment of relaxation. The sleeping area, in recent years, has increased its value, enhancing its environment both in terms of comfort and look. Since ancient times, man has reserved an area used for rest, then over the centuries he has given it increasingly important meanings in the role of a home, and nowadays, its furniture is studied to such an extent that it lends itself to it. with such importance that in addition to relaxing it must be a pleasant place with a warm atmosphere.

 Our modern beds are always the subject of research in order to propose new trendy styles with the fashions of the moment, with a focus on researching ecological materials and fabrics, free of harmful substances, at the forefront of technology in processing. In fact, the double bed, in recent years, has become a reason for research as it plays an increasingly fundamental role in people's lives. Scientific studies show that a person spends more than 30% of his life in a classic or modern wooden bed, therefore we at "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" aim to offer you products at the top of materials and styles, ecological, washable, free of harmful substances, which last over time.

Nowadays one of the needs that covers the modern wooden bed is to respond to the canons of reliability and durability, we at "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" offer accurate advice to help you find your ideal upholstered leather bed.

The design bed is synonymous with pleasure, relaxation, accompanied by a wide range of mattresses and orthopedic bases (which we recommend on your request), and the comfort of sleeping on them makes it suitable for the main function of the bedroom: to chill out. The latest lifestyle trends have greatly influenced the quest to satisfy our customers on a bed with a soft padded headboard as nowadays it is also used before bed to read the newspaper, a book or a quick browse on social media.

How to choose "your" bed for the sleeping area

Choosing a bed for your room, nowadays, is a set of considerations: first of all you have to evaluate the size of the room. We do not recommend a disproportionate bed compared to the size of the room, because this would cause - inserting it in an environment that is too large or too small - a damage to the aesthetics and harmony of the surrounding environment. Then the style, which can be classic or modern, of the double bed structure is defined by analyzing the accessories already present or to be inserted, and the type of wood based on the chosen finish and, last but not least, the headboard proposed in a range of solutions in in line with the latest trends, we also offer modern beds with storage as an option to optimize space.

The new very linear styles have brought an influence on our designs to create collections of modern luxury double beds with a space-saving effect. A very important thing, which we offer on a wide range of modern beds, is the container.

The container bed is a space created under the net to be able to keep the change of season as if it were our wardrobe, alternating with the seasons, becoming an accessory with multiple uses. This allows us to have more capacity in the other furniture in our sleeping area, without giving up space as the container is an incorporated accessory. Our modern beds with containers, also called space-saving beds, are built to support orthopedic bases with mattresses in various versions and thicknesses, for the physical needs of anyone.

Scrolling through our window menu you will find a vast assortment of double beds and you will notice how the colors and materials are fused in symbiosis, creating stylistically very different harmonies, which allows us to satisfy both stylistic and functional needs.

For our collections you can choose your double bed between the 180 x 200 and 160 x 195 version, based on the size of your room, we specify that only some of them can be reproduced in a single bed or a queen-size bed, while we do not have bunk beds in our catalog.

We at "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" always offer new models of beds, we only present wooden structures, in the more classic versions some materials are cherry or walnut, while for the more modern versions we offer ash which works very elegantly. for a brushed finish.

Whether you choose a classic upholstered bed or a modern luxury double bed, it is possible to accentuate or soften the style with the various upholstery solutions, also characterized by very different textures and colors for a chromatic contrast designed specifically for your best living solution. .

 Our classic upholstered headboards lend themselves to multiple solutions. The most sold are in leather, eco-leather, or fabric, but we lend ourselves to upholster our upholstered headboards in combination with the curtains already present in your sleeping area or even with fabrics supplied by the customer.

Some of our elegant bed models, alternatively, opt for a linear headboard with a perforated insert in a lacquered, gold or silver leaf variant in contrast with the finish of the structure, for an effect of elegant simplicity.

Find the ideal wooden bed for your sleeping area

In our e-commerce you will find many models of double beds in sizes 180 x 200 (King) or 160 x 195 (Queen), with the storage bed option, in addition, on your request we provide accurate advice for the choice of the bed base and of the mattress to insert in your bed.

It is our pleasure to remind you that the size of the room is very relevant for the choice of the size of your bed, after a careful analysis of the position and size of the doors, windows for the light points, the preparation of electrical plugs and the relative passages. to be able to live your double bedroom, we can help you in choosing the style of your bed also in combination with the rest of the furniture already present or in the choice of a completely new sleeping area.

In our e-commerce you will find many solutions to integrate your sleeping area with the luxurious bed you are choosing. Combinations designed as wardrobes, bedside tables, dresser for style; to the combinations of fabrics or lacquers for armchairs, or poufs with writing desks, toilette or benches; and the mirrors suspended or placed vertically on the ground are complements studied in detail to make every environment more harmonious and unique in its kind.

Our double beds are a symbol of quality and MADE IN ITALY, efficiency and safety for the materials used, to help you in your search we have divided this category into two sub-categories, classic beds and modern beds, if you already know where to orient yourself it will make your choice easier. otherwise, scroll through the different pages of our online shop and let yourself be inspired by our furniture.

If you still have any doubts, try consulting the FAQ section of our site. Ours is a retail store designed to always guarantee your satisfaction: you can request to customize your bed during the purchase or by writing an email to, our experts will be ready to answer and assist you.

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