Modern bedside tables



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Modern bedside tables

Bedroom bedside tables

Modern bedside tables : a unique piece of furniture if you are looking to add that extra touch to your sleeping area, which guarantees you a result that is not only impressive but also, and above all, of special quality. The artisans of "The classic Italian furniture" will make your modern bedside table 100% Made in Italy and will guarantee you an elegant and refined result, with an optimal design for a modern bedroom .

What's so special about our production? The careful attention we reserve for each single piece of furniture. You will notice it when you start scrolling through the catalog: every smallest detail is cared for and finished in detail. Our modern bedside tables will perfectly match your bedroom : place them where you prefer and place whatever you want on them, your favorite lamp, that coffee candle you didn't know where to put or the book you are reading. Each object will acquire a new, sophisticated look.

The wood we prefer to use to build our modern bedside tables is ash. Our pieces are unique and entirely handmade. We do not produce in large quantities because we want to guarantee you the awareness of having furniture made to measure for you in your home. For this reason, we know how to satisfy all your requests, doubts or curiosities: during the purchase phase, specify how you would like to customize your furniture, or write to us at .

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