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Classic walls



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Classic walls

Classic equipped walls

The Classic equipped walls represent a type of practical and functional furniture. They are made with one or more modular furniture that allow you to create the most suitable solution for your stay. They are perfect to contain books, CDs and various audio and video systems we have. These are Classic equipped walls consists of a series of shelves and some types of furniture, all modular of them; put together form a single structure that gives the name to the furniture.

Classic equipped walls for living room

We build our own walls equipped with quality essences so that they can last over time, wood finishes and lacquers are made by hand, this to make your wall is a unique object. 

It is also possible to add decorations in gold or silver leaf also made by hand, to embellish your stay and indulge your tastes.

Customize our walls equipped in classic style

Details of our Classic equipped walls can be specified during purchase.

wood finishes

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Showing 1-12 of 37 item(s)