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Classic mirrors

Classic mirrors - Classic furniture

The mirrors contained in this category are in a classic style , a style that is a cultural attitude consisting in attributing an exemplary value to the art models of classical antiquity . It indicates the tendency to a universal and unchanging conception of ideal beauty, expressed through order, harmony, balance, proportion by some works to which a normative and exemplary role is assigned.

From this point of view the classic style is present practically in every time and in every culture, parallel to the idea, also universal, of an art free from pre-established models, rules and a definition of beauty.

Classic mirrors with a classic design for your home

This category is therefore the proposal of "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" on classic style mirrors , always produced by our craftsmen with high quality raw materials and handmade finishes.

Since each mirror can be hung both vertically and horizontally, in the search by measurement, enter the largest measure in height and the smallest in width. Then, however, you can hang it as you want.

Showing 13-24 of 167 item(s)
Showing 13-24 of 167 item(s)
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