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Classic TV stand

Classic TV cabinet - LCD cabinet

Classic TV stands designed to combine the classic style of "Il Mobile Classico Italiano" with the new technologies of LCD, LED and Plasma screens with their slim and compact design.

Each of our classic TV cabinets can change the look of your living room, enriching your spaces, without forgetting practicality.

You can't do without them now, televisions are present in all homes, often in more than one example. Furthermore, if we consider the latest generation TVs ( LCD ), we find ourselves managing dimensions for which it is often not even possible to obtain a correct location. This is why even the classic furniture has adapted by offering a solution to the arrangement of the new technology without upsetting the whole furniture.

Classic tv cabinet for lcd, vast catalog

See our classic TV cabinets in our e-commerce catalog by browsing our special category in which you are. You can also combine other furniture by browsing our vast e-commerce catalog of classic furniture for all needs.

Customize your classic tv stand for lcd

Details of our classic TV stands can be specified at the time of purchase.

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